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About Raynor

Raynor massage is generally recognized as one of the most powerful and effective forms of massage therapy. It goes well beyond the realm of what most people consider to be the confines of a massage treatment.
Raynor Massage is a highly detailed and intricate, highly effective style of deeptissue/ acupressure massage that focuses mainly on the ‘major tension bands’ running through the body. There is an emphasis on the interconnectedness of the body using these “bands of tension”. We aim to loosen these bands leading to a highly positive effect on overall health. They become tight due to physical and emotional stresses and consequently the subject will experience great relief once they are released. These bands regularly overlap and align with the Chinese Meridian lines (major lines of energy flow) and begin at various points at the tips of the fingers and toes traveling up the arms and legs and right through the body.
Raynor massage is one of the world’s most cutting edge and advanced systems of massage and bodywork. It draws knowledge from Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Thai massage, Hawaiian medicine, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage. It also encompasses many yoga breath-work techniques to combine into a unique and comprehensive system. Along with stressing the importance of the bands, Raynor Massage has a strong emphasis on detailed massaging of the feet and hands; going into tiny parts of the bands that start and end on the toes and fingers. In addition, Raynor Massage has a strong focus on the abdominal area which is where a lot of emotional stress is held that causes long term problems for people in different ways.
The aim of Raynor Massage is physical, emotional and energetic transformation, through complete excavation/removal of residual tension from all areas the body. The ‘excavation period’ is achieved through set number of treatments and the ‘tension-free state’ maintained by periodic ongoing treatment at a frequency specific to the individual. Benefits of achieving this state are countless as further explained ahead.

What is Stress?

Every individual carries stress to varying degrees. This ‘Stress’ is stored in the muscles. It can be held in tension sometimes not just for a few days, but for many years- sometimes in a response to a traumatic event and or an injury or maybe simply collected over time though everyday activity. After much time has passed, sometimes months and years, we grow accustomed to this ‘state’, along with its accompanying reduction in energy/ depleted moods and a host of other negative side effects- convincing ourselves it is normal or simply unaware of its presence as it has been there for so long. It is not normal, and we do not have to put up with it.
As mentioned, Raynor Massage is one of the most complete and systematic forms of massage to remove all residual tension from the body.

Complete Tension Removal

Typically, the amount of massage required for most people to remove all tension ranges from ten hours (reasonable tension accumulated) to twenty hours (more severe tension typically accumulate over a long period). Up to thirty hours may be necessary for severe tension due to a history of injuries/trauma or simply accumulated over many years. This is the ‘excavation period’. On each subsequent visit, layers of tension are removed, therefore the ‘resistance to pressure’ or ‘pain’ is lesser each time.
Once this period has passed and all residual tension has been excavated, treatments can be continued on a ‘maintenance’ basis i.e. from time to time to avoid the re-accumulation of any tension.
Complete removal of tension from the body through Raynor Massage can be transformational. Results can be:-

How Often?

The excavation treatments should be scheduled only far enough apart that any muscle soreness or bruising has gone away and any healing crisis has run is full course. A healing crisis is where toxins or old emotions are stirred up and a person feels worse before they get better. Once all muscular tension is released then the person is ready for maintenance massage. Some people need a maintenance massage every week, other people can get away with just having a maintenance massage once a month. It depends on individual body and psychological types as well as the amount of stress that a person has suffered from in the time between treatments.

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